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About Suisun City

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Did you know we have a theater, a museum art galleries a train depot and a wild life refuge?

  • In earlier times, Suisun City was an island, linked to neighboring Fairfield by a causeway.

  • Suisun means "west wind," originating with the Patwin Indians. Suisun was also the name of the local Patwin tribe.

  • Suisun City was born out of a feud. Captain Josiah Wing established Suisun during the Gold Rush days after he got into a shipping war with the founder of Fairfield, Captain Robert Waterman.

  • Under Captain Wing's guidance, the city became a key spot on the trading route between the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • According to editors of the Solano County Herald, in 1857, Suisun City was "nothing more than a point of land in the tules reached only by canals and bridges." But wagons, carts, buggies, cattle, horses, and men were so closely packed together it was almost impossible for the stage to move along.

  • Once prospectors reached Suisun, they could set out on foot in search of their treasure.

  • The Old Town section of the city is located on the Suisun Channel, which empties into Suisun and Grizzly Bays, the connecting point for the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay. 

  • The Suisun Delta Region is the largest in the United States.

  • Suisun Marsh is the largest continuous brackish water marsh remaining on the west coast of North America. It is a critical part of the San Francisco Bay - Delta estuary ecosystem.

  • Field & Stream Magazine lists the Suisun Delta as one of the top 50 places to catch the "fish of your dreams."

  • A 1906 fire detroyed the original train depot. The new depot opened in 1914 in its current location.

  • The Lawler House, constructed in 1856, stood east of Suisun City. In the 1980's, the city moved the building bay barge to its current location due to the expansion of Highway 12.

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