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Rush Ranch

Street: 3521 Grizzly Island Road
City: Suisun City
Zip Code: 94585
Contact Person: Rebecca Mannion
Website: Rush Ranch

Rush Ranch is a 2,070-acre open space area located in southern Solano County, California. It is bordered on one side by the Suisun Marsh, an extremely vital component of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary. Rush Ranch has won countless loyal hearts with its vast open spaces of rolling grasslands, it's serene tranquility, it's history, and it's abundance of bird and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The property was purchased by the Solano Land Trust (SLT) in 1988 with a grant from the California Coastal Conservancy. It was the initial purchase of open space land for SLT which, at that time, was known as the Solano County Farmlands and Open Space Foundation. In 2003 Rush Ranch was designated as part of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Within the property’s boundaries is one of the best remaining examples of a brackish tidal marsh habitat in the United States. What’s special about a brackish tidal marsh? It is an important habitat for fish, bird and plant species. The habitat at Rush Ranch is exceptionally rich in vegetation and wildlife, supporting more than 200 species and 47 families of plants, 15 mammal species and 230 bird species. Many of these are threatened and/or endangered; such as the salt marsh harvest mouse, Suisun ornate shrew, Delta smelt, Sacramento splittail, giant garter snake, California clapper rail, California black rail, Suisun song sparrow, and the American white pelican. This unique environment has made Rush Ranch a popular destination with families, scouting and school groups, hikers, bird enthusiasts, scientists, naturalists, photographers and artists.

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